Sentence Examples

  • Demon was scribbled on the side.
  • Standing in the kitchen, she snatched a pen from her purse and hastily scribbled a note.
  • He leaned forward, intrigued as the Oracle scribbled down the agreement.
  • She scribbled down Hannah and Gio.s names then sat back, frowning.
  • We see a real man, but a man helpless anywhere save in the study or in the convent - a little fresh-coloured man, with soft brown eyes, who had a habit of stealing away to his cubiculum whenever the conversation became too lively; somewhat bent, for it is on record that he stood upright when the psalms were chanted, and even rose on his tiptoes with his face turned upwards; genial, if shy, and occasionally given to punning, as when he said that he preferred Psalmi to Salmones; a man who perhaps led the most placid uneventful life of all men who ever wrote a book or scribbled letters.

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