Sentence Examples

  • Wool ranked second in value ($2,210,790), and according to the estimate of the National Association of Wool Manufactures for 1907, Idaho ranked fourth among the wool-producing states in number of sheep (2,500,000), third in wool, washed and unwashed (17,250,000 lb), and fourth in scoured wool (5,692,500 It).
  • Between 1811 and 1814 hands of so-called Luddites, starving operatives out of work, scoured the country, smashing machinerythe immediate cause of their misfortunesand committing every sort of outrage.
  • Sections of the Missouri flood plain made by the United States geological survey show a great variety of material of varying coarseness, the stream bed being scoured at one place, and filled at another by currents and floods of varying swiftness, so that sometimes the deposits are of coarse gravel, sometimes of fine sand, or of fine silt, and it is probable that any section of such an alluvial plain would show deposits of a similar character.
  • In connexion with the Germans at Visby, the capital of Gotland, and at Riga, where they had a house from 1231, the people of Lubeck with their armed vessels scoured the sea between the Trave and the Neva.
  • And N, of Galicia, where high tides keep the inlets well scoured here occur the fine natural harbours of Pontevedra and Vigo, Corunna and Ferrol.

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