Sentence Examples

  • Nearly seventy-five Colorado winters rusting away at the structure did not breed confidence.
  • " Rusting," or more usually in the plural "hustings," was the name of a court of the city of London.
  • These instances of the very early use of this metal, intrinsically at once so useful and so likely to disappear by rusting away, tell a story like that of the single foot-print of the savage which the waves left for Robinson Crusoe's warning.
  • This theory was controverted by Wyndham Dunstan, who attempted to prove that carbon dioxide was not necessary to rusting; and in place of the acid theory, he set up a scheme which involved the production of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Acids, other than carbonic, may promote rusting; this is particularly the case with ironwork exposed to the acids - sulphurous, nitric, &c. - contained in smoke.

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