Sentence Examples

  • The last chapters when Jeanne appears as the Velida of Mont Barbot and the Grande Pastoure are a falling off and a survival of the romanticism of her second manner.
  • The murder of Kotzebue by Karl Sand, however, shocked him out of his extreme revolutionary views, and from this time he tended, under the influence of the writings of Hamann and Herder, more and more in the direction of conservatism and romanticism, until at last he ended, in a mood almost of pessimism, by attaching himself to the extreme right wing of the forces of reaction.
  • I admire Victor Hugo--I appreciate his genius, his brilliancy, his romanticism; though he is not one of my literary passions.
  • See also assonance, Cockney School, romanticism and synaesthesia.
  • The bfi release Alfred Hitchcock 's beguiling blend of romanticism and nightmarish suspense, starring Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier.

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