Sentence Examples

  • He was educated at the school of the Brothers of the Christian Doctrine at Brive, where he received the tonsure at the age of thirteen.
  • He was deputed by a synod of the church in Wessex to remonstrate with the Britons of Domnonia (Devon and Cornwall) on their differences from the Roman practice in the shape of the tonsure and the date of Easter.
  • The chief points of difference were the calculation of Easter and the form of the tonsure, in addition to questions of discipline such as the consecration of bishops per saltum and bishops without dioceses.
  • With regard to tonsure it would seem that the druids shaved the front part of the head from ear to ear.
  • St Patrick doubtless introduced the ordinary coronal tonsure, but in the period following his death the old druidical tonsure was again revived.

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