Sentence Examples

  • In no case could an engine receiving steam at the tem perature corresponding to this pressure and rejecting heat at 212° F.
  • Contumacia, obstinacy; derived from the root tem-, as in temnere, to despise, or possibly from the root turn-, as in tumere, to swell, with anger, &c.), a stubborn refusal to obey authority, obstinate resistance; particularly, in law, the wilful contempt of the order or summons of a court (see Contempt Of Court).
  • Above the zero of Fahrenheit; the lowest mean tem perature anywhere observed is about 4° Fahr., at Melville Island, north of the American continent.
  • Though these have vanished wholly from the surface, the foundations and lowest courses of their walls survive fairly perfect below ground: thus the plan of North Ate ' 'Feet ' 'too too 400 w Amphitheatre ' 'Postern ' '0 Tem- ' 'East ' 'Gate 11 - forum, yielded some interesting inscriptions which relate to a gild (collegium) and incidentally confirm the name Calleva.
  • The residual liquid would thus become richer in B, and the tem perature and composition would pass along the curve till E, the eutectic point, was reached.

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