Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes, too, when a great dramatic climax has given place to a lyrical anticlimax, retrospective moods, subtleties of emotion and crowning musical thoughts press in upon Wagner's mind with a closeness that determines every word; and thus not only is the whole third act of Tristan, as Wagner said when he was working at it, of " overwhelming tragic power," but Isolde's dying utterances (which occupy the last five minutes and are, of course, totally without action or dramatic tension) were not unlike fine poetry even before the music was written.
  • Apart from the two functions of discerning between right and wrong, and actively predisposing the agent to moral action, conscience has further a retrospective action whereby remorse falls upon the man who recognizes that he has broken a moral law.
  • By the peace of Vienna, Bocskay obtained religious liberty and political autonomy, the restoration of all confiscated estates, the repeal of all unrighteous judgments and a complete retrospective amnesty for all the Magyars in royal Hungary, besides his own recognition as independent sovereign prince of an enlarged' Transylvania.
  • Other quarterly reviews worth mentioning are the Eclectic Review (1805-1868), edited down to 1834 by Josiah Conder (1789-1855) and supported by the Dissenters; the British Review (1811-1825; the Christian Remembrancer (1819-1868); the Retrospective Review (1820-1826, 1828, 1853-1854), for old books; the Foreign Quarterly Review (1827-1846), afterwards incorporated with the Westminster; the Foreign Review (1828-1829); the Dublin Review (1836), a Roman Catholic organ; the Foreign and Colonial Quarterly Review (1843-1847); the Prospective Review (1845-1855), given up to theology and literature, previously the Christian Teacher (1835-1844); the North British Review (1844-1871); the British Quarterly Review (1845), successor to the British and Foreign Review (1835-1844); the New Quarterly Review (1852-1861), the Scottish Review (1853-1862), published at Glasgow; the Wesleyan London Quarterly Review (1853-); the National Review (1855-1864); the Diplomatic Review (1855-1881); the Irish Quarterly Review (1851-1859), brought out in Dublin; the Home and Foreign Review (1862-1864); the Fine Arts Quarterly Review (1863-1865); the New Quarterly Magazine (1873-1880); the Catholic Union Review (1863-1874); the Anglican Church Quarterly Review (1875); Mind (1876), dealing with mental philosophy; the Modern Review (1880-1884); the Scottish Review (1882); the Asiatic Quarterly Review (1886; since 1891 the Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review); and the Jewish Quarterly Review.
  • (the best general work on the subject); C. Port, Les Origines de la Vendee (Paris, 1888); C. Leroux-Cesbron, "Correspondance des representants en mission a l'armee de l'ouest (1794-95)" in the Nouvelle Revue retrospective (1898); Blachez, Bonchamps et l'insurrection vendeenne (Paris, 1902); P. Mautouchet, Le Conventionnel Philippeaux (Paris, 1901).

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