Sentence Examples

  • And now she was even resenting Alex for telling his father.
  • At that moment, Kris couldn't help resenting both Rhyn and Death or hoping Death's visit to Rhyn hadn't been her way of showing support for Andre's successor.
  • She admired his newfound air of command but couldn't help resenting him for having a second chance she'd never get.
  • In 374 the Quadi, a German tribe in what is now Moravia and Hungary, resenting the erection of Roman forts to the north of the Danube in what they considered to be their own territory, and further exasperated by the treacherous murder of their king, Gabinius, crossed the river and laid waste the province of Pannonia.
  • Berthollet's theoretical views regarding the composition of the metallic oxides, and he also showed Berthollet's "zoonic acid" to be impure acetic acid (1802); but Berthollet (q.v.), so far from resenting these corrections from a younger man, invited him to become a member of the Societe d'Arcueil.

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