Sentence Examples

  • To many critics it seemed that she had said her whole say and that nothing but replicas could follow.
  • One is very much like another, and nearly all their streets are replicas of the better alleys of Seoul.
  • And thus, close student of natures processes, methods, and effects as the Japanese art workman is, he ever seeks to produce humble replicas from his only art master.
  • They are enlarged replicas of the primeval wooden hut described above, having rafters with their upper ends crossed; thatched or shingled roof; boarded floors, and logs laid on the roof-ridge at right angles for the purpose of binding the ridge and the rafters firmly together.
  • In 1882 he repeated his great patriotic success of 1874 with a group " Quand Memel" replicas of which have been set up at Belfort and in the garden of the Tuileries.