Sentence Examples

  • Of Provence and his brother Ren, at another Alfonso V.
  • Saint-Pol, Nemours, Charles the Bold, his brother the duke of Berry, old Ren of Anjou and his nephew the count of Maine, heir to the riches of Provence and to rights over Naplesthe skeleton hand mowed down all his adversaries as though it too were in his pay; until the day when at Plessisles-Tours it struck a final blow, claimed its just dues from Louis XL, and carried him off despite all his relics on the 3oth of August 1483.
  • C. Grand' Euryi, Ren.) radial membranous plates hung down from each verticil of bracts, forming compartments in which the subjacent sporangio phores were enclosed.
  • After her death in February 1435 the kingdom was fought for between Ren of Anjou and Alfonso, surnamed the Magnanimous.
  • Ren found supporters among the Italian princes, especially the Milanese Visconti, who helped him to assert his claims with arms. During the war of succession which ensued, Alfonso was taken prisoner by the Genoese fleet in August 1435, and was sent a prisoner to Filippo Maria at Milan.