Sentence Examples

  • Sursass or Schlinig Pass (Remus to Mals) foot path .
  • It has been maintained by some that they are the twin brothers so frequent in early religions, the Romulus and Remus of the Roman foundation legends.
  • Month and sign the building of the first city and the fratricidal brothers - theRomulus and Remus of Roman legend - were brought to mind.
  • C. von Hahn as the Aryan Expulsion and Return formula, which counts among its representatives such heroes as Perseus, Cyrus, Romulus and Remus, Siegfried, and, as Alfred Nutt has pointed out, Arthur himself.
  • 9,374 Fuorcla Maisas (Remus to the Samnaun Glen), snow 9,357 Vermunt or Fermunt Pass (Guarda to Patenen), snow � 9,193 Futschol Pass (Ardez to Galtiir), foot path.