Sentence Examples

  • With producer gas it is necessary to pre-heat both the gas and the air which is supplied for its combustion by passing both through heated regenerators (for an account of the principles of the regenerative furnace see article Furnace).
  • In the position shown in solid lines, these valves deflect the air and gas into the left-hand pair of " regenerators " or spacious heat-transferring chambers.
  • The products of combustion are sucked by the pull of the chimney through the farther or right-hand end of this chamber, out through the exit ports, as shown by the dotted arrows, down through the right-hand pair of regenerators, heating to perhaps 1300° C. the upper part of the loosely-piled masses of brickwork within them, and thence past the valves K and K' to the chimney, flue 0.
  • During this phase the incoming gas and air have been withdrawing heat from the left-hand regenerators, which have thus been cooling down, while the escaping products of combustion have been depositing heat in the right-hand pair of regenerators, which have thus been heating up. After some thirty minutes this condition of things is reversed by turning the valves K and K' 90° into the positions shown in dotted lines, when they deflect the incoming gas and air into the right-hand regenerators, so that they may absorb in passing the heat which has just been stored there; thence they pass up through the right-hand uptakes and ports into the working chamber, where as before they mix, burn and heat the charge.
  • Thence they are sucked out by the chimney-draught through the left-hand ports, down through the uptakes and regenerators, here again meeting ands heating the loose mass of " regenerator " brickwork, and finally escape by the chimney-flue 0.

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