Sentence Examples

  • (ii) Rectangle: sides a and b.
  • It is nearly a rectangle in shape, with a length, from N.
  • 6) the inhabited earth has the shape of an oblong rectangle surrounded by an ocean which breaks in in four great gulfs - the Roman or Mediterranean, the Arabian, Persian and Caspian Sea.
  • Thus the C.P. of a rectangle or parallelogram with a side in the surface is at a of the depth of the lower side; of a triangle with a vertex in the surface and base horizontal is 4 of the depth of the base; but if the base is in the surface, the C.P. is at half the depth of the vertex; as on the faces of a tetrahedron, with one edge in the surface.
  • Among the more interesting buildings are the Schloss, a long, rectangle begun in 1255 and added to later, with a Gothic tower 277 ft.