Sentence Examples

  • The columns were united into a narrow rectangle by the advanced and rear guards.
  • She was like a walking rectangle with a bird face, and she got outright hostile towards the beautiful women she escorted out of his home every morning.
  • 6) the inhabited earth has the shape of an oblong rectangle surrounded by an ocean which breaks in in four great gulfs - the Roman or Mediterranean, the Arabian, Persian and Caspian Sea.
  • Within the rectangle formed by pairs of consecutive dark lines, and not far from its centre, the brightness rises to a maximum; but these subsequent maxima are in all cases much inferior to the brightness at the centre of the entire pattern (=o, n =o).
  • In the eastern part of the city he built for himself a large palace, which probably occupied about a sixth of the space now enclosed within the city walls, or nearly the whole of the rectangle enclosed by Strada di Porta Alberoni on the south, Strada Nuova di Porta Serrata on the west and the line of the city walls on the north and east.