Sentence Examples

  • The slips thus placed in contact give the multiples of the number 2085, the digits in each parallelogram being added together; for example, corresponding to the number 6 on the right-hand slip, we have o, 8+3, 0+4, 2, i; whence we find o, I, 5, 2, r as the digits, written backwards, of 6X2085.
  • His map formed a parallelogram measuring 75,800 stadia from Usisama (Ushant island) or Sacrum Promontorium in the west to the mouth of the Ganges and the land of the Coniaci (Comorin) in the east, and 46,000 stadia from Thule in the north to the supposed southern limit of Libya.
  • Herzegovina, which lies south of Bosnia, in a parallelogram defined by Montenegro, Dalmatia, the Dinaric Alps, and an irregular line drawn from a point 25 m.
  • A new order of battle was adopted - the troops being massed in crescent formation, with a reserve in the shape of a parallelogram ready to strengthen the weakest point.
  • Thus the C.P. of a rectangle or parallelogram with a side in the surface is at a of the depth of the lower side; of a triangle with a vertex in the surface and base horizontal is 4 of the depth of the base; but if the base is in the surface, the C.P. is at half the depth of the vertex; as on the faces of a tetrahedron, with one edge in the surface.

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