Sentence Examples

  • (iv) Parallelogram: two opposite sides a and a, distance between them h.
  • The fundamental postulate of this part of our subject is that the two forces acting on a particle may be compounded by the parallelogram rule.
  • Corner of this oblong is an elevated platform in the form of a rectangular parallelogram, some 600 yds.
  • Further, at any one of the centres of load let PL represent the magnitude and direction of the gross load, and Pa, Pb the two resistances by which the piece to which that load is applied is supported; then wifl those three lines be respectively the diagonal and sides of a parallelogram; or, what is the same thing, they will be equal to the three sides of a triangleS and they must be in the same plane, although the sides of the polygon of resistances may be in different planes.
  • The former, situated on the top of the hill, is of comparatively small extent, and forms almost a parallelogram, surrounded by ramparts of the 13th century, and, outside them, by boulevards, and entered by ancient gateways.

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