Sentence Examples

  • To) than the area of the trapezium Kabl by two-thirds of the area of the triangle ATB (§ 34).
  • In shape, the peninsula forms a rough trapezium, with its greatest length from north-west to south-east.
  • - In § 23 the area of a right trapezium has been expressed in terms of the base and the two sides; and in § 34 the area of a somewhat similar figure, the top having been replaced by an arc of a parabola, has been expressed in terms of its base and of three lengths which may be regarded as the sides of two separate figures of which it is composed.
  • The " trapezium " of stars in the Orion nebula.
  • The most important form of trapezium is that in which one of the two remaining sides of the figure is at right angles to the two parallel sides.