Sentence Examples

  • The clavicles rest on a large discoidal, rhomb o i d a 1, or T-shaped median bone, which clearly corresponds to the interclavicle of reptiles.
  • That this is not a necessary characteristic of light was discovered by Christian Huygens, who found that, whereas a stream of sunlight in traversing a rhomb of spar in any but one direction always gives rise to two streams of equal brightness, each of these emergent streams is divided by a second rhomb into two portions having a relative intensity dependent upon the position with respect to one another of the principal planes of the faces of entry into the rhombs - the planes through the axes of the crystals perpendicular to the refracting surfaces.
  • In certain cases, indeed, one portion vanishes entirely: thus the stream ordinarily refracted in the first rhomb gives an ordinary or an extraordinary stream alone in the second, according as the principal planes are parallel or perpendicular, the reverse being the case with the extraordinary stream of the first rhomb.
  • In intermediate cases the intensities of the two beams are proportional to the squares of the cosines of the angles that the principal plane of the second rhomb makes with the positions in which they have the greatest intensity.
  • This term has been retained and the ordinary stream is said to be plane polarized in the principal plane of the face of entry into the rhomb, and the extraordinary stream to be plane polarized in the perpendicular plane.

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