Sentence Examples

  • In 1750 Dr Gowan Knight found that the needles of merchant-ships were made of two pieces of steel bent in the middle and united in the shape of a rhombus, and proposed to substitute straight steel bars of small breadth, suspended edgewise and hardened throughout.
  • As a simple example, take the case of a light frame, whose bars form the slides of a rhombus ABCD with the diagonal BD, suspended from A and carrying a weight W at C; and let it be required to find the stress in BD.
  • If we remove the bar BD, and apply two equal and opposite forces S at B and D, the equation is W.I(2lcosO) + 2S .1(1 sin 8)=o, A where 2 is the length of a side of the rhombus, and 8 its inclination to the vertical.
  • 115, from which it will be seen that it consists of a rhombus of four equal bars ABCD, jointed at opposite corners with two equal bars BE and DE.
  • Rhombus shaped piranha 5.5 - 6 " in size feeding well on both live and dead food and growing!

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