Sentence Examples

  • Eyre has ingeniously attempted to reconstruct the routes taken by the Australians in their advance across the continent.
  • Rearrange and reconstruct an area which has been proved classes to be insanitary.
  • He was obliged to reconstruct the cabinet several times in order to get rid of troublesome colleagues like General Cassola, who wanted to make, himself a sort of military dictator, and Camacho, whose financial reforms and taxation schemes made him unpopular He had more often to reorganize the government in order to find seats in the cabinet for ambitious and impatient, worthies of the Liberal party-not always with success, as Seor Martos, president of the Congress, and the Democrats almost brought about a political crisis in 1889.
  • In this great book a break was made for the first time with the traditional text and the evidence of the late MSS., and an attempt was made to reconstruct the text according to the oldest authorities.
  • The gradual linking up of these will manifest the true genealogy of each class, and reconstruct its ancestral forms by proof instead of conjecture.