Sentence Examples

  • In 1908 the Federal Reclamation Service had five projects in North Dakota.
  • The reclamation of land which has been effected here is noteworthy.
  • See also the articles Reclamation Of Land, Canal, Irrigation, River Engineering, Water Supply and (law) Water Rights.
  • In the report for 1907 of the Reclamation Service it was stated that it had dug 1881 m.
  • The work of construction was under the control of the Inland Waterways and Docks Section of the Royal Engineers, and involved the reclamation of a large tract of swampy foreshore, the widening and deepening of the waterway, the construction of a wharf and jetty nearly a mile in length equipped with powerful cranes and of docks for the building and repair of certain kinds of craft, the erection of acres of hutments and store-sheds, and the laying of some 50 m.