Sentence Examples

  • In 1908 the Federal Reclamation Service had five projects in North Dakota.
  • The reclamation of land which has been effected here is noteworthy.
  • The estimate premised a cost of £50,000, the irrigation of 42,000 acres, and the reclamation of io,000.
  • The gain would be the addition to the kingdom of a new and fertile province of the area of North Brabant, a saving of expenses on dikes, diminution of inundations, improvement of communication between the south and the north of the kingdom, protection of isles of the sea, &c. The costs were calculated as follows: (I) enclosing dike, sluices, and regulation of Zwolsche Diep, £1,760,000; (2) reclamation of four polders, £5,200,000; (3) defensive works, £400,000; (4) indemnity to fishermen, £180,000; total, £7,540,000.
  • In more than one quarter the dikes have been repeatedly extended so as to enclose land conquered from the sea, the work of reclamation being aided by a natural process.