Sentence Examples

  • I rationalized myself right into his bed – right where I wanted to go.
  • Moreover, the myths were rationalized and allegorized, which was not in either case an original procedure.
  • The ideas occur in varying forms from Egypt to Babylonia and point to a considerable body of thought, which is not less impressive when one takes into account the instances in the Old Testament where myths have been rationalized, elevated, or otherwise removed from their older forms (e.g.
  • In its essence, it is primarily emotional and non-reflective; in process of development it becomes rationalized by education and use.
  • Scholasticism opens with a discussion of certain points in the Aristotelian logic; it speedily begins to apply its logical distinctions to the doctrines of the church; and when it attains its full stature in St Thomas it has, with the exception of certain mysteries, rationalized or Aristotelianized the whole churchly system.

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