Sentence Examples

  • Though he rallied for a time he never completely recovered his health, and on the 20th of January 1875 he died.
  • If this was so, it is easy to understand both the enthusiasm with which the chiefs of northern Gaul rallied to the standard of a leader belonging to their own race, and the opposition which Vindex encountered from the Roman colony of Lugdunum and the legions on the Rhine.
  • Although unarmed, the people rallied to him as one man, and Lanza became so alarmed that he asked for an unconditional extension of the armistice, which Garibaldi granted.
  • The people also saw his position and rallied round him; and the Humanists discerned in him a champion against the old intolerance against which they had been revolting in vain.
  • His Dopper following was always unswerving in its support, and at all critical times in the internal quarrels of the state rallied round him.

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