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  • Flis other works are: Coniston (1906, the career of a post-bellzum political boss); Mr. Crewe's Career (1908, the railroads in politics); A Modern Chronicle (1910); The Inside of the Cup (1913, the loth-century Church); A Far Country (1915, methods of " big business ") and The Dwelling Pidce of Light (1917).
  • The lands became the property of the railroads largely through government grants, and they attracted capitalists, who bought them in large bodies and at low prices.
  • The trade of the city has been unfavourably affected by the political events which have converted former provinces of the Turkish empire into autonomous states, by the development of business at other ports of the empire, owing to the opening up of the interior country through the construction of railroads, and by the difficulties which the government, with the view of preventing political agitation, has put in the way of easy intercourse by natives between the capital and the provinces.
  • Until the British government stepped in with its police and canals and railroads, between the people and what they were accustomed to consider the dealings of Providence, scarcely a year passed without some terrible manifestation of the power and the wrath of God.
  • On his pages, close beside the Parthenon, the Sphinx, St Paul's, Etna and Vesuvius, you will find the White Mountains, Monadnock, Agiocochook, Katandin, the pickerelweed in bloom, the wild geese honking through the sky, the chick-a-dee braving the snow, Wall Street and State Street, cotton-mills, railroads and Quincy granite.

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