Sentence Examples

  • Flis other works are: Coniston (1906, the career of a post-bellzum political boss); Mr. Crewe's Career (1908, the railroads in politics); A Modern Chronicle (1910); The Inside of the Cup (1913, the loth-century Church); A Far Country (1915, methods of " big business ") and The Dwelling Pidce of Light (1917).
  • Only less important and only less early to be established in Vermont was the quarrying of granite, which began in 1812, but which has been developed chiefly since 1880, largely by means of the building of "granite railroads" which connect each quarry with a main railway line - a means of transportation as important as the logging railways of the Western states and of Canada.
  • - British Railways A similar comparison (Table XIX.) can be made for the United States of America, statistics prior to the establishment of the Interstate Commerce Commission being taken from Poor's Manual of Railroads as transcribed in government reports.
  • Kerosene is transported in bulk by various means; specially constructed steel tank barges are used on the waterways of the United States, tank-cars on the railroads, and tank-wagons on the roads.
  • Atlanta owes its origin to the development of pioneer railroads of Georgia.