Sentence Examples

  • The decimal point is defined on p. 6 of the Constructio in the words: "In numeris periodo sic in se distinctis, quicquid post periodum notatur fractio est, cujus denominator est Unitas cum tot cyphris post se, quot sunt figurae post periodum.
  • They possess the principle of individuation in themselves, he teaches, but plurality of individuals is in such a case equivalent to plurality of species (in eis tot sunt species quot sunt individua).
  • 384, there was in the 4th century a great variety of text in the Latin version, " Tot enim exemplaria pene quot codices."
  • Working on these lines, and attaching special importance to common descent, naturalists applied the term with more and more precision, until Linnaeus, in his Philosophia botanica, gave the aphorism, "species tot sunt diversae, quot diversae formae ab initio sunt creatae" - "just so many species are to be reckoned as there were forms created at the beginning."
  • His propensity to the marvellous was at an early period exposed in the following verses by Leland: "Hectoris historici tot quot mendacia scripsit Si vis ut numerem, lector amice, tibi, Me jubeas etiam fluctus numerare marinos Et liquidi stellas connumerare poli."

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