Sentence Examples

  • The chief trees of the country are the aspen (Populus tremuloides), the ash-leaved maple (Negundo aceroides), oak (Quercus alba), elm (Ulmus Americana), and many varieties of willow.
  • Eng., ac), a word found, variously modified, in all Germanic languages, and applied to plants of the genus Quercus, natural order Fagaceae (Cupuliferae of de Candolle), including some of the most important timber trees of the north temperate zone.
  • The iron tree (Parrotia persica), the silk acacia, Carpinus betulus, Quercus iberica, the box tree and the walnut flourish freely, as well as the sumach, the pomegranate, and the Gleditschia caspica.
  • Scierophyllous Plants.These are plants with evergreen leathery ives, and typical of tropical, sub-tropical, and warm temperate gions; e.g., Quercus Suber, Ilex Aquifohium, Hedera Helix, Eucalyps Globulus, Rosmarinus officinalis.
  • In these islands, we find forests i or woods of oak (Quercus Robur and Q.

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