Sentence Examples

  • Retailing at around $80.00 each, Hardy's men's swim trunks are a little pricy, but well worth the extra cash if it means being the center of attention and likely attracting some serious attention!
  • Occasionally, the stores will offer an additional percentage off sale merchandise, and this can often yield incredible deals for you on those otherwise pricy Louboutins.
  • Comfortable sneakers in metallic leather have Velcro snaps for a unique look that resembles some very pricy designer brands--without breaking your purse strings.
  • While the product is a bit pricy at nearly one hundred US dollars, the 0.2 ounce tube can last up to six months and also has a one year satisfaction guarantee.
  • Tasso Elba Sweater Cashmere Turtleneck: Priced at $210.00, this turtleneck is pricy, but the feel of cashmere against your skin might all but make up for it!