Sentence Examples

  • Many other games with very simple crafts such as building "Butterfly B's" out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper, or "Name Bingo" which helps kids learn the letters in their own name can be found at the Preschool Rainbow website.
  • Clifford is another PBS Kids program that has a group of experts who work on the content of each episode to ensure that everything is appropriate for preschool children and that nothing on the show is deemed as offensive or controversial.
  • Like Transformers, the transforming toys are not preschool toys, and are appropriate for children older than five.Toy Archive has a list of GoBots, including their Machine Robo Numbers and their GoBot Numbers.
  • The whole purpose of buying designer handbags is because you appreciate fashion, but everyone else around you will know you can't afford that Fendi when your clothes look like they were sewn during a preschool crafts festival.
  • Regardless of the actual lesson plan, part of the preschool training should involve activities that teach the child to sit quietly during learning times and to participate willingly during any crafts or writing projects.