Sentence Examples

  • The anther consists of lobes containing the minute powdery pollen grains, which, when mature, are discharged by a fissure or opening of some sort.
  • A yellowish powdery mixture of zinc and lead oxides collects on the lead; it is skimmed off and sold as paint.
  • 25, f), supporting at its summit the anther (a), consisting of the pollen-sacs which contain the powdery pollen (p), the microspores, which is ultimately discharged therefrom.
  • 25 f), and a broader portion, usually of two lobes, termed the anther (a), containing the powdery pollen (p), and supported upon the end of the filament.
  • Rost); in origin it is allied with "ruddy" and "red," the reddish-brown powdery substance which forms on the surface of iron or steel exposed to atmospheric corrosion.

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