Sentence Examples

  • While you may not want to drag a dog (and certainly not a passel of kids) to a party, a stuffed pooch in a big purse or a few baby dolls draped across your body can certainly paint the perfect picture.
  • Place the bed away from drafts and hot spots nor directly upon heating vents and out of high traffic areas but in locatisn where your pooch can still observe other pack-people members.
  • They concede that the Russian belly dancer who teaches the video workout, Neon, has excellent musculature and tone, but like many belly dancers has a "distinctive belly dancer pooch."
  • If your pooch is still a pup, you need to know the size his breed reaches as an adult, and if he's a mixed breed, you'll need to estimate a little on the large side.
  • Since kennel cough is transmitted via the air, it can be found in even the cleanest kennels and can be contracted by even the most pampered and pedigreed pooch.