Sentence Examples

  • It wasn't so much that he knew the politically correct things to say, but an instinct for reading people and finding their good qualities.
  • The following chapters (xxxiv.- xxxix.) are devoted to reconstruction: Edom, the detested enemy of Israel, is to be crushed; the nation, politically raised from the dead, with North and South united (xxxvii.), is to be established under a Davidide king; a final assault, made by Gog, is to be successfully met, 4 and then the people are to dwell in their own land in peace for ever; this Gog section is regarded by some as the beginning of Jewish apocalyptic writing.
  • A hungry populous can be politically volatile, especially if it is used to being well fed.
  • For these reasons and a hundred more, government should be the smallest unit that is economically and politically viable.
  • Today's independence movements arise when a group of people within a nation wish to politically separate in order to form a state that better represents their shared values.

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