Sentence Examples

  • EJ Quaternary Triassic Slluro-Can,brian L~LL4 Tertiary Permian Met,,rno,-phic E~i Ci-etaceous Carbon iferous I~~iI1 Plutonic Rocks Jurassic Oeyr,nian Volcanic Rock, from the province of Cordova into that of Badajoz.
  • There are also found in both regions numerous masses of igneous rocks, both plutonic and volcanic, in some places of considerable extent, which pierce through and overflow the earlier formations.
  • (I) Plutonic rocks.
  • - The ancient or plutonic igneous rocks (including granite, syenite, diorite, gabbro, porphyry, porphyrite, norite retinite) appear at various points of the two previously described regions.
  • In the midst of the sedimentary region are two well-recognized masses of plutonic rocks, belonging to the syenites, sometimes quartziferous in structure.

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