Sentence Examples

  • Directly he was of age, he seized the reins of government by killing some relations who had plotted against him, and crushed another conspiracy in the same way.
  • Regin, cheated of his share, plotted vengeance and the conquest of the treasure.
  • Moreover, their Clichy club, directed by the abb Brottier, manipulated Parisian opinion; while many of the -refractory priests, having returned after the liberal Public Worship Act of September 1795, made active propaganda against the principles of the Revolution, and plotted the fall of the Directory as maintaining the States independence of the Church.
  • 1, and the king, who plotted against it; and,, as a result, ~291t 20 the monarchy, insulted by the proceedings of the 20th of June, was eliminated altogether by those of the 10th of August 1792.
  • After three years the Guises reopened hostilities against Coligny, whom they accused of having plotted the murder of their chief; while the Catholics, egged on by the Spaniards, rose against the Protestants, who had been made uneasy by an interview between Catherine and her daughter Elizabeth, wife of Philip II.

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