Sentence Examples

  • The surface of the stones in the interior is often pitted, as a form of ornamentation.
  • Insigne, has scalariform tracheides, and is traversed by regular medullary rays, but in the forms from later ' horizons the tracheides are reticulately pitted, and the rays are for the most part replaced by a network of xylem-parenchyma.
  • Short and reticulately-pitted tracheal cells, similar to tracheids, often occur in the circummedullary region of cycadean stems. In an old stem of Cycas, Encephalartos or Macrozamia the secondary wood consists of several rather unevenly concentric zones, while in some other genera it forms a continuous mass as in conifers and normal dicotyledons.
  • Surrounding the pitted wall of the ovum there is a definite layer of large cells, no doubt representing a tapetum, which, as in cycads and conifers, plays an important part in nourishing the growing egg-cell.
  • During the development of the egg-cell, food material is transferred from these cells through the pitted wall of the ovum.

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