Sentence Examples

  • Trees and curiously shaped stones were also worshipped, and artificial pillars of wood or stone.
  • He made new pillars higher and higher, till after ten years he reached the height of sixty feet.
  • There is less stone carving on the exterior walls, door jambs and pillars of the buildings than on those of the Yucatan Peninsula; this is due to the harder and more uneven character of the limestone.
  • Only few remains of it are, now standing; but of the pillars, several are in Paris, one is in the museum at Wiesbaden and another on the Schillerplatz in Mainz.
  • There still remains close to the first-named street and fronting the Corso Garibaldi a high wall built of square Roman bricks, with pillars and arched recesses in the upper portion, which goes by the name of Palazzo di Teodorico.