Sentence Examples

  • The stele is called monarch, diarch,.
  • Such a break is known as a leaf-gap. A little above the departure of the leaf-bundle the stele again closes up only to be again broken by the departure of the next leaf-bundle.
  • Or many protoxylems. When the protoxylem strands are situated at the periphery of the stele, abutting on the pericycle, as in all roots, and many of the more primitive Pteridophyte stems, the stele is said to be exarch.
  • When there is a single protoxylem strand in the centre of the stele, or when, as is more commonly the case, there are several protoxylem strands situated at the internal limit of the xylem,, the centre of the stem being occupied by parenchyma, the stele is endarch.
  • When the protoxylems have an intermediate position the stele is inesarch (many Pteridophytes and some of the more primitive Phanerogams).