Sentence Examples

  • Mamillaris) there is evidence that they were of the Sigillariopsis type, the leaf being traversed by two parallel vascular strands, derived from the bifurcation of the leaf-trace.
  • Two leaf-trace bundles started from each angle of the stele, and forked, in passing through the cortex, to supply the veins of the leaf, or its subdivisions.
  • Each double leaf-trace passes through four internodes before becoming a part of the stele; the double nature of the trace is a characteristic feature.
  • Leaf-trace; 1.1.
  • That these three sterile segments, with their sporangiophores, are together comparable to one of the bracts of Sphenophyllum, with its sporangiophores, is shown by the vascular supply in each case being derived from a single leaf-trace, So far as is at present known, the Sphenophyllales were homosporous.