Sentence Examples

  • The former "piggy backs" on fat when entering the body, making it a requirement to consume proper amounts of fat for complete absorption, and it also makes it hard to get rid of in case you accidentally ingest too much.
  • Rather than let children keep their financial gifts in a piggy bank in the house, parents can help children open a passbook savings account or a mutual fund and let them file the receipts for these accounts.
  • Students can browse topics such as Piggy Bank (all about European money), Radio (hear all the European country anthems) and Camera (picture puzzles of famous European landmarks).
  • Pook-a-Looz has provided Disney with a new-found treasure trove as they tap into decades of beloved classic characters like Snow White as well as newer stars such as Miss Piggy.
  • Don't miss Kermit and Miss Piggy getting married, the Swedish Chef cooking up a storm in the kitchen and some of Statler and Waldorf's most classic moments.