Sentence Examples

  • The ladybugs were beneficial insects, eating the pesky aphids.
  • A routine visit to the salon will "cure" your hair of those pesky split ends (which result when the protective cuticle around the ends of the hair is stripped away, leaving behind a strand that splits into two or three individual strands).
  • For many people, there is no more relaxing place to be than sitting on a beach by the roaring ocean, but of course pesky things like work and family life tend to get in the way of spending all of your time at that dream destination.
  • Perhaps the best section, however, is the Beauty 911; a page that lays out, from chipped nails to spilled drinks, all the possible beauty disasters that may occur on prom night, including the best way to solve these pesky mishaps.
  • Just as wonderful for keeping women warm as for concealing pesky trouble spots, like protruding bellies and wide hips, sweater coats offer plus size women a wonderful style option during the coldest periods of the year.

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