Sentence Examples

  • Since 1512 it has been periodically exhibited.
  • It is evident that the buying of cotton on the principles suggested would be calculated to cause great unsteadiness of prices, especially as cotton is not continuously forthcoming, but is produced periodically in harvests.
  • It is true that laws prohibiting slavery were in existence, but the Boer who periodically took up arms against his own appointed government was not likely to be, nor was he, restrained by laws.
  • In those localities, however, it is not the same water which varies in temperature with the season, but the water of different warm and cold currents which periodically occupy the same locality as they advance and retreat.
  • 18 seq., reference is made to its agricultural life in terms suggesting that along with its younger, but more successful "brother," it was the guardian of a sacred mountain (Carmel, Tabor?) visited periodically for sacrificial feasts.

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