Sentence Examples

  • A still greater improvement may be effected by using an electrically maintained fork, which performs the double office of controlling the resolution of the jet and of interrupting the primary current of the induction coil.
  • From the centre of the under screw an axle provided with a hook (e), which performs the part of a crank, projects in an upward direction.
  • It is also defined, but not with absolute rigour, as the apparent path described by the sun around the celestial sphere as the earth performs its.
  • Owing to the action of the moon on the earth, as it performs its monthly revolution in an orbit slightly inclined to the ecliptic, the centre of the earth itself deviates from the plane of the ecliptic in a period equal to that of the nodal revolution of the moon.
  • According to this school, man is a machine, no doubt the most complex and wonderfully adapted of all known machines, but still neither more nor less than an instrument whose energy is provided by force from without, and which, when set in action, performs the various operations for which its structure fits it, namely, to live, move, feel, and think.

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