Sentence Examples

  • He passes on to Galilee, where also He is welcomed, and where He performs His second " sign," healing the son of one of Herod's courtiers.
  • The line of apsides is in continual motion, generally direct, and performs a revolution in about 12 years.
  • The inclination to the ecliptic is a little more than 5°, and the line of nodes performs a revolution in the retrograde direction in 18.6 years.
  • It is polygamous, and the male performs the duty of incubation, brooding more than a score of eggs, the produce of several females - facts known to Nieremberg Rhea.
  • The necessary elements of a Hindu sacrifice are: (I) the sacrificer, who provides the victim, and is affected, directly or indirectly, by the sacrifice; he may or may not be identical with (2) the officiant, who performs the rite; we have further (3) the place, (4) the instruments of sacrifice and (5) the victim; where the sacrificer enjoys only the secondary results, the direct influence of the sacrifice is directed towards (6) the object; finally, we may distinguish (7) three moments of the rite - (a) the entry, (b) the slaughter, (c) the exit.

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