Sentence Examples

  • " Doth a man live by his sins?
  • " Ah, how doth gold grow dim, The finest ore change hue!
  • When Governor Andros and his Council in 1687 issued an order for levying a tax, a special town meeting of Ipswich promptly voted "that the s'd act doth infringe their Liberty as Free borne English subjects of His Majestic by interfearing with ye statutory Laws of the Land, By which it is enacted that no taxes shall be levied on ye Subjects without consent of an assembly chosen by ye Freeholders for assessing the same," and refused to assess the tax.
  • And I do easily see, that place of any reasonable commandment doth bring commandment of more wits than of a man's own.
  • (3) No man hath certainly known, nor shall certainly know, that which he saith about the gods and about all things; for, be that which he saith ever so perfect, yet doth he not know it; all things are matters of opinion.