Sentence Examples

  • According to the story, the Pentagon held meetings with the world's leading scientists and concluded that once the magnetic pole aligned with the true North, it would continue moving to the equator, causing the earth to shift upon its axis.
  • Since Pentagon FCU often offers desirable credit card interest rates which are frequently advertised in the mainstream media, many non-military people try to find ways to join the credit union and apply for one of the credit cards.
  • Although the interest rates for reward cards through Pentagon FCU are higher than the interest rate for the Visa Gold card, the interest rate is still lower than most rewards cards offered through other lenders.
  • If you are interested in joining Pentagon FCU but are not otherwise eligible, you can join the National Military Family Association and become immediately eligible for membership with Pentagon FCU.
  • Since Pentagon Federal Credit Union is collectively owned by the members and is a non-profit financial institution, they are able to offer the best interest rates possible for their credit cards.