Sentence Examples

  • As they neared a pentagon-shaped building, Brady took in the clumsy metal door that didn't quite fit the frame.
  • The state of North Borneo may roughly be said to form a pentagon of which three sides, the north-west, northeast and east are washed by the sea, while the remaining two sides, the south-west and the south, are bordered respectively by the Malayan sultanate of Brunei, and by the territories of the raja of Sarawak and of the Dutch government.
  • The streets of the former are narrow and irregular, but the latter, founded at the end of the 16th century by fugitive Walloons and Netherlanders, is built in the form of a pentagon with broad streets crossing at right angles, and possesses several fine squares, among which may be mentioned the marketplace, adorned with handsome fountains at the four corners.
  • The pentagon is the basis of the dodecahedron.
  • The snub dodecahedron is a 92-faced solid having 4 triangles and a pentagon at each corner.

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