Sentence Examples

  • The palatines are long, always fused anteriorly with the premaxilla, and fre quently with the maxillo-palatine processes; posteriorly they slide upon the presphenoidal rostrum, and articulate in most birds with the pterygoids; they form the greater part of the palatal roof and border the choanae or inner nares.
  • 4), pigeons, gulls, plovers, rails and penguins, have the vomer pointed in front while the maxillo-palatines are free, leaving a fissure between the vomer and themselves.
  • Sharp, recurved teeth are carried by the mandibles, the pterygoids, palatines, maxillaries, and in the Pythoninae by the premaxillaries also.
  • Characterized by possessing only a few teeth, on the posterior part of the maxillaries, on the palatines and Coronelline Nymphophidium, the same effect is reached by two prominences at the base of the skull.
  • There are also teeth on the palatines, anterior portion of the pterygoids, and on the short dentaries.

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