Sentence Examples

  • One general feature of the adult bird's skull is the almost complete disappearance of the sutures between the bones of the cranium proper, whilst another is the great movability of the whole palatal and other suspensorial apparatus.
  • From a very early periodearlier doubtless than the oldest existing monuments of those languagesa labio-palatal pronunciation (u).
  • Th in thing), had down till about the middle of the 16th century the voiceless sound Is and the voiced sounddz respectively, and that in like manner tbe palatal spirants g, j, x, before assuming the uniform pronunciation of the guttural spirant (-=Germ.
  • In the Phoenician alphabet Zain was the seventh letter, occupying the same position and having the same form approximately (i) as the early Greek Z, while in pronunciation it was a voiced s-sound; Samech () followed the 'symbol for n of and was the ordinary s-sound, though, as we have seen, e it is in different Greek states at the earliest period as well as E; after the symbol for p came Zade (v), which was a strong palatal s, though in name it corresponds to the Greek Nra; while lastly Shin (W) follows the symbol for r, and was an sh-sound.
  • The group from the resemblance of its palatal characters to those of the Emeu, Dromaeus, he called Dromaeognathae, but it is now more usual to place them in a separate order, the Tinamiformes.

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