Sentence Examples

  • The priests deserted the Temple for the palaestra and the young nobles wore the Greek cap. The Jews of Jerusalem were enrolled as citizens of Antioch.
  • (9) The Gymnasium and (10) the Palaestra are both inland, near the great Canopic street (Boulevard de Rosette) in the eastern half of the town, but on sites not determined.
  • To the west are the remains of an extensive building of the Roman period, probably a palaestra with a small Odeum attached.
  • To the east of the gorge the wall still follows the edge of low cliffs of the, coast, and continues to do so all along the east side of Achradina 1 The date of the fragment of city wall immediately to the north-east of the so-called palaestra is uncertain; it is therefore doubtful whether it can belong to this system of defences (Lupus, pp. 308, 331).
  • Immediately adjoining the gymnasium on the south was a Palaestra, the place of exercise for wrestlers and boxers.