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  • Thus, to take a classic example, the name of the famous king Nebuchadrezzar occurs written in the following different manners: - (a) Na-bi-urn-ku-du-ur-ri-u-su-ur,(b)AK-DU u-su-ur, (c) AK-ku-dur-ri-Shes, and (d) PA-GAR-DU-Shes, from which we are permitted to conclude that PA or AK (with the determinative for deity AN) = Na-bi-um or Nebo, that GAR-DU or DU alone = kudurri, and that Shes = u.
  • The god Nebo appears as PA - the sign of the stylus, which is associated with this deity as the originator and patron of writing and of knowledge in general, - or it is written with a sign AK, which describes the god as a " creator."
  • The image of a source of strength p at S outside a sphere of radius a is a source of strength pa/f at H, where 'OS' =f, OH =a2/f, and a line sink reaching from the image H to the centre 0 of line strength - A la; this combination will be found to produce no flow across the surface of the sphere.
  • For a doublet at S, of moment m, the Stokes' function is M f cos PSx = - m p s3; and for its image at H the Stokes' function is m f cos PHx =m f 3 PH" (6) so that for the comnation _ a3 I I 2 4)-myb12 (f 3 PH PS 3) =m f 3 (pa ll 3 P53)' 3 and this vanishes over the surface of the sphere.
  • 2, and by w the density of the liquid estimated in lb/ft.', pa - poa=wa.

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