Sentence Examples

  • It was her idea to introduce an athletic shoe collection to the company's repertoire in the hopes that it would launch DaDa to greater heights in the athletic industry.
  • Between eight and twelve months, a baby will likely say at least one word, including either "mama" or "dada," and say simple exclamations such as "no no" or "uh oh."
  • Though one would expect that a company specializing primarily in athletic shoes may not have as much to offer women, this doesn't hold true for DaDa footwear.
  • Twelve months: By this time babies should respond nonverbally, have different types of cries, and may know one or a few simple words (e.g. "mama" or "dada").
  • Man Ray : An extremely influential artist of the Dada and Surrealism movements, Man Ray's photographic work was truly groundbreaking.