Sentence Examples

  • For starters, using the services can get you into trouble - you could be sued, your computer could become infected, and your karma could take a hit - after all, when you use a P2P network, the artist who made the song doesn't get paid.
  • After that, the legal troubles just kept on coming with Napster, until finally, in March 2002, they paid the major record labels $26 million in back royalties, $10 million in future royalties, and shut its doors as a P2P trading site.
  • Limewire, a popular P2P file sharing network, is being sued for millions by record labels who charge that Limewire's executives are committing copyright infringement by providing the software which allows people to swap songs online.
  • Initially, iMesh used a centralized database to operate, but in later versions they moved to the more commonly used "computer to computer" transfers. iMesh was also the brains behind so called "swarming" in P2P networks.
  • Thanks to the latest Limewire version and the Mac operating system addition, however, Apple computer users can not only get a P2P network, but they can log into a P2P system that might just be the best one in the world.